Protecting and varnishing wood Protecting and varnishing wood

Protecting and varnishing wood

Caring for your wood indoors and outdoors is about protecting it from the passing of time and weather such as rain, wind and sun. Wood is a living material and needs care and proper maintenance to best preserve its characteristics. To protect and enhance your wooden surfaces and items, choose our water- or solvent-based products.
Woodstains penetrate the wood's porosity and protect it by allowing it to breathe. Both transparent or tinted versions bring out the natural grain of your wood.
Waxed finishes are ideal when applied over impregnating agents in situations where the wood is subject to increased stress and attack from bacteria, fungi or insects, as they make the surface waterproof and protect it from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.
Choose the ideal product for protecting wood from rain. Treat it and waterproof for interiors and exteriors.
And remember: impregnating agents and coloured finishes are also intended to protect the wood from exposure to light: the darker the colour you choose, the better the protection from the sun's rays!

Water- or Solvent-Based Wood Impregnating Agents?

Water-based Water-based

Water-based impregnating agents and finishes

Extremely easy to apply, water-based impregnating agents and finishes are ideal for interior application as they are completely odourless.
Cleaning the tools is simple and can be done using water and common detergents.
Water-based impregnating agents and finishes spread more easily on the wood and allow more moisture to pass through, so they can adapt more easily to changes that may occur in the wood.

Solvent-based Solvent-based

Solvent-based impregnating agents and finishes

Solvent-based primers and finishes contain more organic chemicals and are therefore ideal for outdoor application.
Cleaning the tools is more complex and must be done using turpentine.
Impregnating agents and solvent-based finishes spread less easily on surfaces but they have the advantage of penetrating deeper into the wood and therefore protect it better from atmospheric agents and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Water-based non-covering wood paint and primers

Solvent-based non-covering wood paint and primers