Restoring and preparing a wall Restoring and preparing a wall

Restoring and preparing a wall

Preparing a wall before painting is essential for optimal, flawless end results. Our fillers, primers and wall fixatives are your ideal allies for preparing your walls before painting. Our range of products allows you to obtain uniform undercoats and consolidate walls, ensuring maximum results when applying paint both indoors and outdoors.
And if you have doubt about the use of fillers, let's take a look at what primers and fixatives are used for:

  • primers are paint ideally suited to even out surfaces before painting, especially when plastering and patching is carried out before painting. They avoid future blemishes and differences in the tone of the colours applied to the wall;
  • fixatives are suitable for securing dust and ensuring that the paint adheres perfectly to the surface, especially when the wall is "dusty" if it has had a gypsum-based skim-coat or is made of plasterboard. Using a fixative means you can secure dust or fix old paint to prepare the wall for new paint.

Surface preparation is therefore one of the most important things to do in order to achieve reliable, long-lasting results.
Choosing the right product for preparing walls and ceilings for painting is extremely important, and our selection of quality products is the perfect answer for you.

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