Support and Assistance Support and Assistance

Pre- and post-sales technical support

ABC and San Marco Group S.p.A. offer a tailor-made service for all professionals (designers or application companies), starting from the choice of materials in the studio, right through to on-site assistance.
The main Technical Assistance services available to dealers are:

  • technical Assistance toll-free number for answers and/or resolutions to technical questions about products, systems and application cycles; 
  • a team of technicians in your area, for pre- and post-sales consulting, with technical drawings for interventions on both new or existing buildings;
  • on-site consulting for products and application cycles;
  • theory and hands-on training for application companies at dealers' premises, with specific courses on topics such as thermal insulation, concrete restoration, masonry restoration with dehumidifying systems, restoration of damaged surfaces, and decorations and resin floors;
  • participation in Conferences with renowned national bodies for the dissemination of technologies on insulating systems;
  • participation in collaboration with our dealers in events and exhibitions such as trade fairs, open days, etc.;
  • consultancy and management of insurance dossiers for issuing insurance certificates for insulation systems or painting cycles;
  • updates on laws, rules/regulations, and on tax incentives;
  • assistance to designers in preparing technical specifications, with updates on new technologies.