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Research, evolution and quality

Our mission is total customer satisfaction, which we strive to achieve through product quality, flexible policies, and the high competence of our team. The goals achieved in recent years confirm to us that our direction is right, and lead us to improve in order to better understand the demands of the market. Innovation and quality are the two key words defining the principles of our company policy, to become a benchmark supplier for our customers.

Over the years, the Research and Development department of the San Marco Group has been supplemented with new resources, skills and instruments and now represents a key corporate asset. A group of researchers, found in three operating sites divides its work into several research sectors dedicated to building systems, certifications, and environmental and legislative aspects.

The idea of developing new products for the Group's various Brands was born from the constant analysis of the market and emerging trends, and is progressively shaped by an ongoing and constructive dialogue within the Group.

It is precisely the inherent value of the research team that has allowed us to evolve our approach to product innovation from the study of individual independent solutions to the development of systems, with the aim of providing the market with solutions and technological innovation. 

The process of creating new products follows two main paths:

  • development of new products in the catalogue with the goal of creating articles and/or systems for wide distribution, then processed by the marketing department for the mainstream market;
  • development of products or systems on-demand to meet specific needs from all over the world, with the aim of creating products and systems with regional or local diffusion developed considering the specific characteristics of wherever the inquiry comes from.

The entire process of creating new products is done in fullest respect of EU regulations and the environment. This last issue, of environmental protection, has always been a strategic factor for the Group. Innovation and constant investment to improve operations and processes make the entire value chain increasingly sustainable in terms of water and energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and the production and recycling of waste.