Leonardo, the ABC tinting software

After four years of internal research and development, Leonardo is born, our new tintometric software that allows you to manage workflows in the shop, use connected tintometer and spectrophotometer and directly access technical information, all with extreme ease.
Among the many functions implemented:
  • the possibility of managing orders by customer and having a history of the same in the archive, managing the sizes in a personalized way and having the possibility of reusing formulas without carrying out the search again;
  • the presence of formulas in various units of measurement, which can be modified independently from the editing window, and the direct connection to TOP-POS;
  • the Paint Calculator, access to the web page of the abcpaints.it site dedicated to the selected products and the direct download of Brochures, Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.
An intuitive and captivating interface, easily navigable, and a continuous expansion of the functions that can be integrated into the program, make Leonardo a unique and innovative all-in-one tinting software.

To get it, access the download area of ​​the ABC site!