Renovate your house with ABC, it's easy!

Casa Extra 500 is ideal if you want to repaint or refresh your walls, but you need to rehabilitate the rooms subject to intervention quickly. Casa Extra 500, our washable and breathable paint with a low content of volatile organic compounds that does not require long airing before rehabilitating the environment. Other reasons to choose it?
  • High white point
  • Matte effect
  • Good expansion.
Plasterboard is a particularly porous support, which requires special attention and the use of a suitable product. ABC Casa Extra 700 is a washable paint for interiors, the ideal product for covering and finishing plasterboard. Why choose it?
  • High coverage, masks the imperfections of the substrate.
  • High white point.
  • Returns a matte and uniform coverage.

ABC Aria 300 is our super-breathable paint ideal for applications in environments subject to humidity and condensation build-up. Why choose it?
  • Super breathable
  • High hiding power.
  • Good expansion and velvety effect.
  • Excellent white point.
Do you want to give new life to home interiors with a paint that allows you to achieve uniform coverage and does not alter the breathability of your walls? ABC Aria 200 is the ideal product, but why choose it?
  • Breathable.
  • Excellent hiding power.
  • Good expansion
  • also ideal in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.