Protection of the facades

Acryl-siloxane wall finishes - HIDROSAN RANGE

It is an innovative solution that combines the traditional acrylic formulations to those siloxane, the latest generation of finishes for the building sector aimed to meet the requirements of the most demanding professional users. The Hidrosan range offers the opportunity to achieve even higher performance results and of longer duration, representing the solution which gives at the same time excellent breathability and resistance against weather conditions, high water repellency and prevention from the proliferation of mold and algae.

Ideal for those who have already experienced the high quality, the protective efficacy and versatility of The acrylic products, the Hidrosan range offers:

• Results even more performing and longer lasting.

• At the same time excellent breathability and excellent water repellency.

• Resistance to atmospheric agents and aggressive chemical and industrial materials.

• Long life.

• Resistance to mold / algae.

• Wide choice of colors in the range.

For its aesthetic effect and its composition based on acrylic-siloxane resins, the Hidrosan Range has excellent adhesion to cementitious surfaces, old and new buildings; lime-based plasters, cement plasters; on restructuring it is good practice to remove any synthetic coatings before the application.