ABC takes care of your wood with Acqualinea!

Acqualinea is the line of water-based wood products that will help you protect and restore the characteristics of your wood furniture.

ABC Aqualinea Impregnating
Ideal product to protect garden furniture exposed for most of the year to bad weather, UV rays and sudden changes in temperature, all elements that can deteriorate the surfaces. Why choose it?
It penetrates deeply into the wood, protecting it from bad weather and freeze / thaw cycles
  • Colors the wood, leaving the original grain visible
  • Protects wood from UV rays
  • Ready to use

Aqualinea Waxed Finish
Ideal finish for wooden elements to decorate and protect, usable both indoors and outdoors. Why choose it?
  • Highly breathable
  • It restores the tones, leaving the characteristic grain of the wood visible
  • Protects the wood from UV rays and bad weather
  • Easy to maintain, even years after application.