Iron supports to be restored? ABC has the solution.

Smalto-PRO is our line of solvent-based products that allows you to perform professional work independently on iron supports at home.
Discover our tips:

Enamel Pro, glossy or silk version
Smalto Pro can be applied on various surfaces such as iron, wood, plastic material and alloys. For example, window grilles, also known as "wolf mouths" are an element that greatly affects the aesthetics of the facade of a building and, if not in the optimal state, can ruin the appearance of the house. These are the characteristics:
  • shiny or silky finish
  • anti-rust function
  • base and finish product, 2 in 1
  • fast drying and glossy appearance.

Pro Antiquing Enamel
Smalto Pro Antichizzante can be applied to ferrous metals such as gates, railings, metal frames and can also be used on galvanized surfaces and light alloys, as long as they are properly treated. It allows:
  • Corrosion protection
  • Optimal finishing of metal supports
  • Adaptability even in aggressive environments such as marine or industrial ones
  • High quality aesthetic solutions
  • Suitable as a base and finish, 2 in 1