Stop mold with ABC!

Mold? ABC has products to be used in sequence for a complete anti-mold cycle of the masonry support.
Follow the steps to get to know them better:
  • Anti-mold spray: specific product for cleaning internal and external surfaces infested with algae and mold before painting.
  • Idealfix Fissativo: to be used for the surface impregnation of the wall support to consolidate the surface and to uniform its absorption.
  • Casa Extra 600 Anti-mold: washable acrylic paint that allows you to obtain high-quality, highly opaque finishes with a high whiteness.
  • Biogram, anti-mold wall paint: breathable, suitable for indoor areas, with good hiding power. ABC Biogram is easy to apply and provides protection against the development of mold.
In humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, ABC helps you to always keep the wall support in ideal conditions.