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Solutions and paints for DIY lovers

Paint Paint

Paint iron and other surfaces

Anti-corrosive and anti-rust paints for protecting iron, multi-surface enamels, ideal for protecting and enhancing your surfaces.

Prevent Prevent

Protect and prevent rust formation

Rustproofing enamels and paints to remove rust from iron while preventing it from forming and corroding.

Protect Protect

Protecting and varnishing wood

Impregnating agents and finishes for wood to protect and enhance your wood backgrounds, both indoors and outdoors.

Eliminates Eliminates

Eliminate wall condensation and mould

Mildew-inhibiting paints that prevent the build-up of mould on walls, and counteract condensation.

Paint Paint

Interior painting

Paints for your interior walls. Find out how to choose the most suitable paint for your home.

Paint Paint

Exterior painting

Exterior finishes, coatings and paints. Discover our solutions to paint the outside of your house.

Prepare Prepare

Restoring and preparing a wall

Fillers, primers and wall fixatives ideal for optimal wall preparation prior to painting.