Solvent-based enamels Solvent-based enamels

Paint iron and other surfaces

Iron is used widely for exposed outdoors items and has great qualities, but it is particularly affected by weathering agents which corrode and wear it away over time, causing rust and serious structural damage; not to mention the negative visual effects on your supports.
To prevent and solve this problem, we offer you our selection of solvent-based and water-based multi-surface enamels. Choose the ideal product for you based on your needs and get started with preventing corrosion and rust on your iron surfaces.

Water-based or solvent-based multi-surface enamels

Water-based Water-based

Aqualinea water-based enamels

Finishing with our Aqualinea water-based product line ensures protection of the iron, and its hardness and durability over time, giving excellent resistance against weathering agents without yellowing, and guaranteeing good dilatation and coverage.

Solvent-based Solvent-based

Smalto-Pro solvent-based enamels

Finishing with our solvent-based Smalto-Pro product line ensures the protection of iron, and its hardness and durability over time.

Water-based paints and primers

Solvent-based paints and primers