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Our History

ABC was founded in 1954 in Ancona as a distributor of adhesives, dyes and abrasives for carpentry and furniture manufacturers.

In 1963, the first important change took place when ABC began to produce wall paints for the construction industry. Confirming this new move, in 1969 a first portion of the current production unit was built in Montemarciano, Ancona. This was where the production of water-based paints and continuous plastic coatings was developed. 

ABC's headquarters were further expanded in 1982, when the company equipped itself with an automated water-based paint production plant. At the beginning of the 90's, through important commitments in research and development, ABC acquired a position of leadership in the local market, thanks to is full and up-to-date range of professional finishes for the building industry.

This growth led San Marco Group S.p.A. to become interested in the company and eventually to acquire it. Under the guidance of San Marco Group, the ABC brand begins a path of growth and evolution on the national market, following a slow but progressive path in stages, marked by courageous decisions that lead to growth in production capacity, technological innovation in product formulation, investments and development of marketing and strategic plans. 

On 28 May 2006, ABC reaches a milestone in the culture of quality that distinguishes the San Marco Group when the Montemarciano production unit obtains UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for its systems and criteria for quality assurance during the phases of design, development, manufacturing, installation and service. This milestone is an excellent business card in a hyper-competitive market such as that of coating systems for the building industry.

In 2010, an important brand restyling process begins, involving product packaging, graphics and stylistic approach, and therefore the communication towards the market. In the following years, ABC develops, with a strong, well-rooted presence both in the local area and other Italian regions, establishing itself in the Trade channel as a guarantee of excellent value for money, with a wide range of breathable, washable and anti-mould water-based paints, mineral coatings based on lime or silicates, acrylic-siloxanic, acrylic, elastomeric paints, protective coatings for stone and brick, concrete, sheaths, insulating and fixing agents, and solvent finishes for iron and wood.

In 2019 ABC also becomes a brand in the large-scale retail trade, with a customised range of products and coverage of the whole country.

Today, ABC has a complete range of high-quality, high-performance paints and coatings for professional building, and a range of products dedicated to end consumers that are easy to use and excellent value for money, without ever sacrificing quality and aesthetics. In a short time, the strategic choices and innovations proved to be successful.

About San Marco Group

San Marco Group is a leader in Italy in the manufacture and distribution of paints and varnishes for professional construction. With a portfolio of 7 strong and well-balanced proprietary brands, with the far-sighted vision of the Geremia family over 80 years of history, the Group has evolved to become a benchmark company both at a national and international level.

With ongoing investments in production and Research & Development, and strategic choices in acquisitions, the San Marco Group has developed a full range of paints and solutions for the building industry to meet all the market's needs. 

Each Brand has a precise role and the Group enhances its unique features by reducing overlaps, exploiting synergies and economies of scope with a widespread diffusion in Italy and abroad. 

Expression of the best Italian-made products at international level, the Group offers a comprehensive approach to the building painting and coating market.